The Caribbean is a ‘hot spot’ of the world’s biodiversity.

The Caribbean is a ‘hot spot’ of the world’s biodiversity and it also harbors a rich cul­tural and historical heritage dating back millennia. The conservation of the historic and cultural heritage as well as forests, cor­al reefs, mangroves, freshwater wetlands, rivers, estuaries, coastal dry forests, flora, fauna, the night sky, and other vital natural resources in the Caribbean is a responsibil­ity of the people of the Caribbean." Caribbean Foresters Meeting Proceedings, 2009.

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Get to know some of the dedicated professionals who study or manage Caribbean forests, as you read about their experiences and insights regarding their work and the challenges they face everyday.

More than 40 Forest Sites Registered in Less Than Two Hours!

The second day of the Caribbean Foresters Meeting was met with enthusiasm as participants registered more than 40 forest sites on the new website during a two-hour workshop. The workshop, titled “Assessment of long-term forest dynamics in the Caribbean”, emphasized the val
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Varied conferences during Day 1 of Caribbean Foresters Meeting

The official kick-off day for the 16th Caribbean Foresters Meeting was a great success, with more than 70 participants showing up for the first day’s conferences. More participants are expected to arrive over the course of the week-long meeting. The agenda for the first day bega
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